Announcing the Dagmar Eve Guitar

Eve is a curvy beauty with Dagmar's signature rounded “keystone” sides and a stylish cutaway that allows access to the top fret. Her tone woods are as exotic as her appearance: ancient Kauri wood from New Zealand carbon-dated at 50,000 years old. All Dagmar Custom Guitars are one-of-a-kind, unique works of functional art—only one of each style is made.

One of Canada's most innovative luthiers, Pete Swanson has built up a global following for the revolutionary styling of his archtop guitar bodies. The Dagmar design is a fusion of form and function featuring their unique keystone-constructed round sides that make them ergonomic and comfortable while increasing the volume and maximizing tone.

Dagmar Eve

This is achieved by the painstaking process of precision-cutting individual keystone shaped segments and then assembling them into completely rounded sides for the guitar body. The concave interiors are laminated with carbon fiber, which not only adds strength and stability but also allows the rim to absorb the brunt of the lateral string tension. This shape reflects the sound inside the guitar and projects it with an “amphitheater” effect. The strength of the sides allows both top and back to vibrate freely, with the neck and tailpiece attached to the sides alone ??? only the bridge touches the top.

Due to the nature of Swanson's construction process each guitar becomes a unique work of art. If you want an exclusive look you can do no better than these one-of-a-kind beauties. Rather than serial numbers each guitar is given an individual name, reflecting Pete Swanson's philosophy of devoting his full attention to one guitar at a time.

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