Another way to approach Guitar Chord Progressions

If you’re like me, you sometimes get in a bit of a rut on the fretboard.

Key Chords

What I mean is that you’re sitting there trying to come up with some new and interesting chord progressions, but your fingers keep overriding the creative process by just going to where they want to go, not where you want the music to progress to.

I recently stumbled upon a web based app, that helps you solve this problem by taking the guitar out of your hands and letting you focus on the chord progression instead.

Key Chords by Mike Gieson lets you drag and drop chords into place, select your key and strumming patterns, then plays the chord progression back to you.

As well as choosing your own chord progressions and strumming patterns Key Chords also has a neat little feature called “Roll the Dice” where you can let the app choose either of these features for you, and run through multiple choices until you find something appealing.

I’m not suggesting this will become an important tool for composing, but every now and then a little shake up to the way we do things can be rewarding.

You can use it for free just by pointing your web browser to

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  1. how to show pop up chord when hover a key of guitar

    hi, How can i show pop up when mouse hover a chords on a webpage. Thanks

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