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    After sitting around and wishing I knew how to play the guitar, I’ve finally decided to just go ahead and learn. I’m not new to music by any means, I’ve been playing violin and piano since I was 5 years old (I’m now 24) and have been in some light touch with the guitar.
    My biggest problem now is where to start. I also understand that there are two different types of acoustic guitars: steel-string and classical. I’d actually like to learn a bit of both…to be able to play some classical guitar (John Williams blows me away) along with some more light-hearted Jack Johnson-type stuff. I plan on taking some online lessons to help get me started and want to have a source that can match all the needs I want like learning all the chords,. I just don’t it to be over soon, but practice with daily lessons.
    Suggest me something that I can look upon …… Sorry for the long post and thanks for your help!

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      there are some good beginner lessons on

      there are embedded youtube videos in the lessons

      but the most effective way to learn guitar is to get lessons, of course

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      [quote=”Axe-me”]I agree, Metal Method has a great system. The Basic Course is excellent for beginner and intermediate guitarists. The Speed Kills series is absolutely the best for the serious shredder. Is there a better guitarist on the planet than Michael Angelo Batio?[/quote]

      I ended up ordering the Basic Course, and it’s been the best decision I have made in my guitar playing career (though I don’t think I can quite call it a career yet). I have learned so much from the course and have established a great foundation in guitar playing. Based on your recommendation I ordered the Speed Kills series for a friend, since he is much more experienced than I, and would really benefit from it. He ended up loving the course and now he can’t stop talking about Michaels new DVD that Metal Method is releasing in December. At least he is making it easy enough for me to decide what to get him for Christmas.

      PS. I’m not sure if there is a better shredder than Michael Angelo, but his new performance on Youtube makes him a high contender.

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      I agree, Metal Method has a great system. The Basic Course is excellent for beginner and intermediate guitarists. The Speed Kills series is absolutely the best for the serious shredder. Is there a better guitarist on the planet than Michael Angelo Batio?

      I don’t agree that YouTube and other free sources are the way to go. You need a step-by-step program. If you jump from one video to the next you’ll find a huge gap in your understanding of guitar. Basically, you’ll always be puzzled by the fretboard. If you don’t go with Metal Method find a great private instructor. There’s no substitute for a great teacher. I prefer to study Metal Method’s programs and to take private lessons. That’s the best of both worlds!

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      I’ve actually been looking into Instructional DVD guitar lessons, since I can view them at any time and go back as often as I would like. I was looking to get some opinions on different instructional DVD lessons. I have specifically been looking at some DVDs from Metal Method that seem to be getting some very positive reviews, but I am interested in seeing what other people (that are not on Metal Method’s actual website) have to say. Anything would be helpful; I’m just starting and well, have no idea where to start

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      Participant (Mark Tremonti’s new site) features top guitarists, tips, insights, etc. Tremonti’s coming out with a new instructional guitar DVD which he posted on this site…should be the best instructional vid ever, im a huge fan and cant wait to get it.

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      I use a free program called ScaleTrainer that samples my guitar through my computers sound card. It shows my whats right and wrong for a (scale/mode/key combination). This approach is a lot easier than
      using fret board flash cards, is better than tabs, and is a lot more personal than a YouTube video.

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      Youtube is great except if you are a real newb.

      Justin Sandercoe Lessons are decent and free, but he would apreciate a donation.

      I joined Jamplay in Feb 08 and have improved greatly! They have intensive beginning lessons that really get you started down the right path and best of all there is just about any type of genre you want to play.

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      [quote=”GDaddy”]tons of good stuff on youtube[/quote]

      Yeah, right. That’s a user-friendly way to learn the guitar.

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      tons of good stuff on youtube

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      I’m not sure of any really good online resources, but your best bet is to take private lessons, I know they are a little more expensive than online lessons, but you just can’t beat one-on-one instruction…You will learn faster and more comprehensively…

      All the best


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