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    Hi , please help I have had this model for 4 years I have tried every search engine to find out about this guitar including fender’s own site!!, but I have found nothing, does anyone out there own one or can you give me advice!!.

    many thanks

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      I saw a listing on eBay where one sold for £119:

      Here’s part of the description:

      This is a very nicely built acoustic dreadnought style guitar. these were built to good standard during the Korean era of Fender construction in around 1996-98. It plays, feels and sounds good. Definitely much better quality all round than current lower-end Fenders I have played. I think this would equate to a £300+ guitar if bought new today.

      Very light easy action and good intonation and fretboard. According to info I have found online the top is spruce and the sides and back are nato wood. The finish is satin rather than gloss lacquer.

      Fender DG-17M Acoustic Guitar

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      I’ve owned and still have this guitar for over 30years. Never had to buy another acoustic since.

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      I have owned one of these guitars since newish.
      I will not let it go. I purchased the display model and refused a new boxed guitar.
      I roughly purchased this around the beginning of 1997.
      The store I purchased it in was Goodwins on capel st in Dublin Ireland.
      I have since moved to the USA and it’s still with me.
      I use Daddario med-light strings on it and the action is set up perfect I feel.
      I have been asked to sell but kindly refuse.
      What specifically do you need to know

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      i have this fender mondel since 1997…I bought this guitar with the today currency about 1300 euros.
      it’s my best guitar ever!!!!

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      … what do you need to know?

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        i bought one today from a junk shop- plays really well and i only paid £60 for it- yay! if youve found out anything about it id like to know cos i dont know anything about it either. thanks

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