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      Gordy Smiff

      Chad Kroeger is a DRUNKEN moron. Shame really, not a big fan of Nickelback, although they have done some quite listenable tunes.

      In the photo, George looks like he’s been pike fishing, and some one stole his catch just as the pic was taken!

      I might run away from him, depends on your definition of “coming” out of the bushes. Good shot sir! 😯

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      The guy he was with was a van driver from south London, probably looking to drop off a packet when George jumps out on him.
      I havent got a problem with what he’s up to either, i do have a problem with those politicians that try to teach us about the values of ‘Family’ and ‘Morality’ and then get caught doing what some might see a digusting things with 2 rent boys, and others who are too scared to come out of the closet.
      Sad world…..sometimes.

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