ATC10 Guitar Tuner and Chord Finder from Rotosound

ATC10 Guitar Tuner and Chord Finder is Rotosound’s latest guitar accessory, it bears the functionality of both a clip-on tuner and a guitar chord finder.

The ATC10 not only enables you to tune your guitar, but also offers a vast number of guitar chords all in the same piece of gear.

Simply clip the unit to your instrument and allow it to pickup the vibrations produced by the strings. The intuitive LCD interface screen will then give you a display that shows how close you are from tuning the string properly.

Clip-on style tuners are favored because they allow you to tune your strings discreetly and they are can work as a light and handy replacement for your bulky pedal tuners.

The Guitar chord finder feature of the ATC10 Guitar Tuner and Chord Finder works like a virtual library of chords. It is like having a chord chart within your tuner. It will show you how and where to position your fingers for the chord you need. ATC10 features an intuitive search function which will let you search by chord root or letter name. You can then select minor, major, augmented, diminished or suspended chord and it even has the patterns for 7th and 9th chord versions. With its large library of chords, this handy guitar chord finder will be like having your own guitar teacher in your tuner and ready to help you where-ever you go.

The ATC10 Guitar Tuner and Chord Finder responds fast and is highly sensitive which can help you get accurate intonation. It is also light and highly portable, ideal for working or travelling musicians. Like all things Rotosound it is designed to be affordable while maintaining the highest possible specifications.

The suggested retail price for Rotosound’s Guitar Tuner and Chord Finder is only at $24.95 or £7.95.

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1 thought on “ATC10 Guitar Tuner and Chord Finder from Rotosound”

  1. What a clever development in guitar tuning – more like a resource library of chords and tuning. Will be interested to see how this does in the market. A great resource for the person jamming with others who might have different chord styles or the one working on unfamiliar notation. I wish I had this last Christmas when I was working on jazz notation – a style that I am not familiar with.

    Tuning for the discerning ear here

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