Atlantic Quality Design’s New ZEROCAP VC system

It’s not every morning you sit down at your computer and discover something that has happened for the “first time in the known universe”, but that’s what happened today according to the email I received from Atlantic Quality Design, Inc. (my guess is they copied the idea from another part of the multi-verse).

Before I get too carried away with multiple world theories explaining where Hendrix is still playing live, here’s what they said:

Atlantic Quality Design, Inc. announced its new ZEROCAP VC system, which for the first time in the known universe makes guitar cable capacitance variable! The guitarist can dial in the amount of cable capacitance to create the tone he wants to hear. This provides a palette of tones previously unavailable using standard technology cables and tone controls.

The ZEROCAP VC system consists of two parts, a small device that mounts on the pedal board and a specially designed cable. The combination of the device and cable allows the cable capacitance to be varied continuously from near zero up to the natural value of the cable. Cables are available from 5ft to 50ft and are priced reasonably.

The ZEROCAP VC system does NOT inline buffer or amplify the guitar’s signal and does not change the output impedance of the guitar. It simply varies the capacitance of the guitar cable. Available NOW, the ZEROCAP VC Device is available for $49.95, and ZEROCAP VC Cables are available in lengths of 5ft to 50ft and start at $29.95. See for full specs, sound clips and ordering information.

Here’s a video to give you some idea of the effect on sound:

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