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    Guys, gals,

    Down here in Australia we don’t really have Halloween. Not officially, and for those that do celebrate it, it’s certainly not at the level at which our friends in the States do. Nevertheless, being a horror fan I look forward to the chance of putting a slightly darker slant on GNW for just one week. Well, part of anyways, I did include Steve Lukather’s new Xmas album PR.

    So if you don’t read GNW, but you get a kick out of looking at hideous guitars check out this weeks edition at http://www.guitarsite.com/newsletters/gnw/

    We selected the 31 ugliest guitars from the 2 worst guitars threads here in the forum. It wasn’t easy and chances are some of you won’t agree with the choices, let alone the rankings. So if I did miss your submission it wasn’t because it wasnt an awful looking heap of junk, it just means I had to cut somewhere, otherwise I’d be here all week putting it together.

    I believe I have given correct credit to all those who submitted, but if I have stuffed one up, just send me a PM, or reply here and I’ll take care of it.

    Thanks for all those who did contribute and keep them coming. Formal thankyous are in the newsletter.

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      i wonder if there is a tribute guitar to Marlon? in the shape of a block of Butter?
      ‘oh, the horror’ – Brando -Appocalypse now: 1979 dir: Francis Ford Copolla, took 2 years to shoot, cost Martin Sheen a breakdown, and a few of the filmcrew got blown to smitherines when they accidendly set up a camera position near a pirotechnic explosive device, also Francis’s son composed the score, and of course the movie opens to the brilliant ‘The End’ by the Doors. The greatest film ever? probably.

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      A nice sum-up, and generous plaudits too, Mike. Agonizingly, I’ve just today plonked another one in the “worst guitar” thread striding a Marshall head. Check it out – in the words of Marlon Brando, “I could’ve been a contender”

      (On The Waterfront, if anyone’s interested)

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