Audiotech Guitar Products announce new look for their MB-1 Mid Boost pedal

Audiotech Guitar Products have announced news of their newly made over MB-1 Mid Boost pedal for guitar. “The MB-1 will feature the same unique circuitry which produces great mid boosted tones for guitar” says company president Eric Roberts. “It'll just be sporting an all new hotter look” he adds. The MB-1 provides up to 25db of mid range boost (500Hz — 1kHz range) to any amplifier or guitar rig.

The MB-1 helps guitar players cut through the mix for solos when playing live by adding or restoring certain mid range frequencies to their current set-up. Designed to be rugged and road worthy, the MB-1 is housed in a heavy-duty cast aluminum enclosure. Like all Audiotech effects pedals the MB-1 features genuine true bypass switching (without tone altering buffers) One 9V battery is required. It also comes with Audiotech's standard two-year warranty on all parts and labor and retails for $224.95

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