Avid releases Eleven Rack Expansion Pack

The Eleven Rack Expansion Pack is a software add-on option for Avid’s Eleven Rack guitar amp and effects processor.

If you’re not familiar with Eleven Rack then this video provides a great overview:

The new features in the expansion pack include:

  • New guitar and bass amp effects emulations—deliver users an expanded sonic palette with 19 new guitar amp and effects emulations, including an all-new bass amp/cabinet simulation that invokes the sounds of legendary bass tones.
  • Parametric EQ and studio compressor channel strip effects—allow customers to easily capture vocal and instrument performances using new channel strip-style signal processing.
  • Dynamic stereo delay—provides customers more options to enhance their sound, create custom effects and widen their guitar tone with full ducking, panning and filtering control on delay feedback.
  • Speaker break-up emulation—re-creates the natural distortion characteristics heard when turning up an analog amp with speaker breakup emulation added to all amps.

It’s available now for $99 from the Avid Web Store

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