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    Composing broadcast quality 24-bit music has never been faster or easier than with Reason’s NN-XT Advanced Sampler Rex2 Powerhouse!

    Introducing Axe-N-Skin
    Command this interactive 1/3 Gig Loop collection of 24-bit Elite-Metal-REX2 Gothic Doom Drum Grooves and Doom Guitar Riffs. Stretch ’em, Compress ’em, EQ ’em, Expand ’em, Play ’em live, use them for inspiration to construct your Masterpiece.

    With BPMs from 71 to 222, each REX2 can be modified from 5 BPMs and up to 60 BPMs plus or minus, playable on separate keys of your keyboard. Each REX2 file maps across your board and can be played like an instrument. Use them in Dr.REX or open and play them like instruments in Reason’s incredibly powerful yet extremely intuitive NN-XT Advanced Sampler.

    The sessions were captured live with legendary Ampex 456 Grand Master Studio Mastering audio tape which has produced more number 1 hits and gold albums than all other tapes combined.”


    * Single Bass Beats
    * Double Bass Beats
    * Drums multi-tracked and hit hard onto
    Classic Warm Ampex 456 Grand Master Studio Mastering audio tape and Digitally Mastered to stereo
    * Flexible Tempo | Flexible Pitch
    * Rex2 Samples allow flexible BPM from minimum +/- 5 BPM and some up to +/- 60 BPM
    * Each Rex2 Sample Can Be Played On Its Own Track As An Individual Instrument on multiple NN-XT Samplers
    * Create & Produce Major Label Broadcast Quality Tracks
    * Perform Rex2 Samples LIVE
    * Create completely new arrangements & chord progressions from single loops & riffs
    * Match Tempos & Keys Instantly within Reason
    * More Than 300 Total Megs of Volcanic Audio
    * Gothic Metal Single & Double Bass Drum Riffs
    * Quick-Compose Drum Beats, Drum Loops, Drum Fills that you can sync to the Guitar Riffs
    * Gothic Electric Metal Guitar Loops & Riffs that you can sync to the beat
    * Odd | Even -Time Signatures
    * Natural No-Effects Stereo-Mix allows advanced user processing, headroom, and overall control
    * BPMs from 71 To 222
    * High Detail 24-Bit Stereo Mix


    * 16 Molten Metal NN-XT Patches referencing 30 Megs of searing audio
    * 97 Megs of 116 Thunderous REX2 Axe-N-Skin Playable Loops for the NN-XT and Dr.REX
    * 119 Megs of 75 eye-opening Drum Loops & Metal Axe riffs
    * Additional Megs of SLICED AIFF audio Drum Loops, Rain & Thunder.
    * Royalty Free for all of your personal works & compositions – View Software License at product website.

    System Requirements:
    This is an add on software product for Propellerheads Reason 2.0 -2.5 -3.0

    Operating System:
    Mac OS9 / OSX
    Windows XP / 2000 / 98 / ME

    Mac DEMO

    Windows DEMO

    Full wrap at

    – Press release

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