Axetec Guitar Pickups & Parts

Home of the amazing IronGear Pickups + loads more.

Free Shipping to UK mainland & N.I. available on all orders over £12.5

Head Office:
20 Heath Close
United Kingdom

01539 73751
[email protected]

1 thought on “Axetec Guitar Pickups & Parts”

  1. Axetec, good, but ultimately lacking the fundamentals.

    I have used axetec several times and all in all they’re difficult to knock. Great, easy to negotiate website, good information, very reasonably pricing and quality , sensible, products. Generally a very helpful company. My only reservations, and this is my experience only, is that haveing dealt with perhaps, 3 or 4 guitar parts, websites, axetec are found ‘wanting’ in their ability to respond to emails. Don’t get me wrong here, if you phone them you will get fantastic sound advice and help, but emailing axetec seems to dilute the definition of ‘electronic mail’. I really hope this isn’t an ongoing thing with axetec, this is a company that deserves any credit directed their way. Perhaps a few guitar straps, capo’s, guitar stands and a method of responding to emails, even if to just acknowledge receipt and informed will ‘respond as soon as possible’.

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