Ayers Guitars

There are only a few things left in this world that offer true Old World craftsmanship together with modern technology. The term “built by hand” often means somewhat less than what the words imply. A genuine hand-built article is associated with the highest quality, and with an eye toward excellence that is unsurpassed.

This is still the case with Ayers Guitars. Every Ayers guitar is handcrafted by journeyman luthiers and designed to the highest standard as set by famed Australian Master Luthier. With the foregoing in mind, each instrument undergoes detailed scrutiny as it progresses through the “hands-on” formulation and assembly process to final completion. Each Ayers guitar is truly a hand made instrument constructed of solid wood throughout.

With it’s general offices in Taiwan and manufacturing facilities in Vietnam, The Ayers Company places a focused emphasis on the proper utilization of the skills, techniques, and economic factors necessary to produce a true world-class handcrafted instrument. The success of the Ayers guitar results from a combination of Luthier’s esteemed knowledge of the luthier arts and the manufacturing skills of the Ayers Company. This joint effort has given birth to an unprecedented value in the marketplace.

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