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      I bought one 😥 a custom classic early relic. the Relic part looked very nice, and played very nice at room volume, but, it was a very different guitar playing at volume, horrible.
      I sold it a year later for what i bought it for.
      I quite like the idea of a Relic, one thing, i never used to worry about leaving it laying around.
      Oh it was a 62′ Strat, or was it a 58′? nice sunburst though.

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      I never saw the point in fake guitar “ageing”. First time I saw a Fender Custom Shop relic guitar I laughed until my sides hurt. Especially when I saw the price.

      Just what is the point?

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      I particularly like the scratches on the, erm, scratchplate. Who would consistently hit their strings in such a weird direction? Elsewhere, it’s just a whizz-whizz from the circular pad. And someone doesn’t wash their hands before tuning up – eewww. Not very impressive.

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