Basone Guitars presents exclusive color-changing, laser loaded Electric

Basone Guitars has released its newest product, the Talon. This one-of-a-kind patented model features an interesting stability arm that connects the neck to the body, made of handpicked chambered Honduran Mahogany, and carved Maple top. The Talon is coated in technology-derived paint, which shifts from an icy blue to cyan purple to gold, in certain lights.

Basone TALON

The Talon has other unique additions that you cannot find in any other guitar in the world, such as a 10 milliwatt military-grade laser embedded into the headstock, as well as fingerboard inlays lit individually by Starlight LEDs. All including mini switches to control when the lights go on and off!!

This particular guitar was made for a customer with specific needs- such as PRS Dragon II pickups, Gotoh 510 mini tuners, Graphtec Resomax Bridge and nut. The combination of high-end tonewoods, electronics and hardware make the guitars of the Basone family feel, sound, and look second to none. Our customer was extremely happy to have his dream guitar come to life!

Basone products can be found at music shops in Vancouver, such as Bonerattle Music, Not Just Another Music Shop, and at BASONE headquarters, where guitar customization is available starting at $1800. Basone still offers acoustic and electric guitar repair, including set-ups, paintjobs, crack repair, guitar detailing, customized replacement parts, etc.

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