BBE Sound introduces the VG360 Sonic Maximizer

BBE Sound has introduced the company’s new VG360 Sonic Maximizer. Utilising the same technology employed by Sonic Maximizers found in top recording studios, the unit can be hooked up to video game consoles for more realistic sound quality. Also ideal for hooking up to DVD and CD players, the VG360 is compatible with cable TV and satellite services. In addition, it will also dramatically improve the sound quality of MP3 and other compressed audio files.

Audible benefits are percussive music and movie sound effects becoming clearer without causing fatigue, while low frequencies are rendered harmonically rich and can be thunderous when desired, without losing their character. Controls for the BBE VG360, which carries a 5 year warranty, include Lo Contour, Process and function switches.

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1 thought on “BBE Sound introduces the VG360 Sonic Maximizer”

  1. Re: BBE Sound has introduced the company’s new VG360 Sonic Maximizer.... BBE Sound introduces the VG360 Sonic Maximizer
    Troy Forbis

    I would read the information about the “Sonic Maximizer” and think that it seemed maybe some type of music/sound gimmick. The description of it seemed so strange. A person at the college I go to was selling one and I figured I’d check it out. I called and asked why he’s selling it and he said because he was buying a guitar peddle version of it. I asked what it did and even his description of it seemed “sound mystical”. He said, “it makes it sound,… better, like the way its supposed to sound”. I bought it from him, and he was right. I listened to music with it and noticed a difference for sure.
    At first I wasn’t blown away, but a little surprised. It did sound… better. I played more music then began to really notice crisper and clearer highs, as if I bought the perfect speakers with tweeters. I could also tell the sound was filled out better on the low end. Soon I was addicted to the new sound of the Sonic Maximizer. The sound difference is like the difference from old VHS videos to the new high definition blue ray disks.
    $100 seemed steep at first, but after realizing that it’s made in America, in Huntington Beach, California, and with a 5 year warranty, I find that the price is just fine.

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