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    A video from Billy Sheehan’s (Mr. Big bassist) new solo CD, Cosmic Troubador, is available now to watch online. Entitled The Lift, you can check it out via the Favored Nations website at

    MP3s of two other songs can also be downloaded below.

    Here is what Billy’s site had to say about the CD:

    Sheehan delivers a thrilling musical ride on his new solo CD, Cosmic Troubadour (Favored Nations).
    The album resounds with the wide-eyed joy of creativity, no restrictions, no boundaries, full out,
    full on, full throttle. Known for his early work with Steve Vai in the original David Lee Roth band,
    and as the founder of the internationally acclaimed, platinum selling hard rock troupe Mr. Big,
    Sheehan’s keen musical sensibility permeates the heady grooves and melodic contours that comprise
    his second solo offering.

    1. Toss It On The Flame
    2. Back In The Day
    3. The Suspense Is Killing Me
    4. From The Backseat
    5. Don’t Look Down
    6. Something She Said
    7. Dreams Of Discontent (MP3)
    8. Dig A Hole
    9. Taj
    10. The Lift
    11. A Tower In The Sky
    12. Long Walk Home
    13. Indisputable Truth
    14. Hope (MP3)
    15. A Million Tears Ago

    Billy is also touring around the US and Canada at the moment with Steve Vai. You can find out dates at

    Official website:

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