Boss GT-1 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor

The new Boss GT-1 compact multi-effects processor is now available, with a retail price of $199.

Boss GT-1 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor

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This is the latest guitar processor to come out from Boss production line, and as such it carries over their latest amp modeling technology and interface improvements, but packed in a portable floor unit.

Boss describes this pedal as being powered by their flagship GT-series engine, which means that it provides the same sound-shaping qualities as its bigger and more expensive siblings. For its size, the GT-1 comes with 108 effects, more than enough to cover virtually any musical styles. Included in its modeled effects lineup are classic Boss stompboxes like the OD-1, along with other popular pedals from other manufacturers. Various effect types are well represented, including Delay, Reverb, Modulation, Wah, Fuzz, Distortion and more.

In addition to effects, this pedal has a plethora of amp models that were taken from their COSM library, while the amps were not listed specifically, you can expect it to cover most of the popular American and British tube amps, along with some high-gain models.

Boss GT-1 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor

If effects and amp modeling is not enough, the GT-1 also comes with a 32-second phrase looper to make practice and jamming fun. Other specialized effects include Acoustic Simulator, which morphs your electric guitar sound to that of an acoustic-electric. There’s also a Guitar Simulator feature that lets you virtually switch between popular guitar types without having to actually switch out your instrument.

Boss matched the pedal’s versatility with sound quality, thanks to its 24 bit + AF (Adaptive Focus) conversation rate. Adaptive Focus is a proprietary technology from Roland that improves signal to noise ratio of AD and DA converters. Also notable is the high sampling rate of 44.1 kHz, which is quite special considering the unit’s size and price tag.

This new multi-effects unit also features an improved interface, with a workflow and signal chain that’s similar to an actual pedalboard. This streamlined interface allows for quick parameter changes and for changing the position of an effect in your virtual signal chain.

Other features that further simplify operation include the Easy Select function that lets you choose patches by genre or effect type, and Easy Edit which lets you tweak effects parameters conveniently. Dedicated knobs and buttons work together for an intuitive control of the unit. The pedal also houses an expression pedal for realtime hands-free control over specific parameters.

Finally, all these features are packed inside a 2-pound unit that fits easily in the accessory compartment of regular gig bags. Another nifty feature is its ability to run on four AA batteries for up to seven hours, making it a great portable headphone amplifier in case you want to practice while on the go.

The new Boss GT-1 is now available with a retail price of $199. For further details and other information, you can head over to Boss.

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