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    I threw down 00 for Peavey xxx combo amp and was basically unhappy. Almost sad enough to go back on Zoloft. Been happier with a 0 used Fender Frontman 15watt. Thinking that this Peavey XXX amp needed boost, I purchased a Boss MT-2 primarily for the middle 2 knobs which are boost and EQ (mids). I cranked the 2nd Knob on the pedal all the way up and turned the amp’s treble almost off.

    Finally cracked a smile and feel down right jubilee now !!!


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      Cockney/English translation: a good EQ puts the smile on your face 😆

      FWIW, getting the tonestack right isn’t that difficult. Have a look at the duncanamps website. A change of cap/pot/resistor can be all it takes and a good tech should have a good idea of what to do if you tell them what you’re after. Failing that; a good pedal works.

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      Those MT-2’s are really good pedals, and as cheap as David Dickinsons chips on ebay.
      Like 4 notes says, it’s the EQ that puts a smile on your boat race, or something like that.

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      So it wasn’t the brand of tubes or anything like that then? Maybe changing some pot/cap values in the preamp would’ve been the cure? It’s a lot easier and more reversible to have a pedal put in front, though. Glad to hear that you’ve got the xxx where you want it.

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