Boss Waza Craft Super Overdrive SD-1W

Boss introduces a special “Waza Craft” version of the Super Overdrive pedal, said to be more versatile and responsive.

Boss Waza Craft Super Overdrive SD-1W

Like the Waza Craft Blues Driver, the SD-1W features an all-analog discrete amplifier circuit and comes with two modes that provide two distinct overdrive voicings.

With so many unofficial modifications being done on their pedals, it would have been better if this enhanced version was released earlier. But as the saying goes, it is better late than never. The Waza Craft series maybe the company’s way of competing against these unofficial mods, and they do so at a price point that is surprisingly close to the regular versions.

The new SD-1W pedal is part of the new Waza Craft series of pedals, it is simply a premium and improved version of the original Super Overdrive. Boss chose the Japanese word “Waza” as the label for this line because it means technique and art, describing the design and manufacturing process behind each of the redesigned pedals.

All the features of the regular SD-1 pedal is included in this new release, including the straightforward three knob control. It has a level knob for controlling the output volume, a tone knob that lets you emphasize or de-emphasize the upper frequencies and finally a gain knob that lets you conjure varying degrees of overdrive, from subtle grit to all out crunch.

Adding to the three knobs is a special mode switch that lets you pick between Standard and Custom modes. The Standard mode gives you a more organic remake of the classic SD-1 sound, while the Custom mode lets you explore overdriven tones that are not available with the original pedal.

The official press release says, “In continuous production for over 30 years, the Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive is one of the best-loved stomps ever created. The Waza Craft SD-1W hot rods this players’ favorite with a revised circuit design, all-discrete analog components, and switchable Standard and Custom sound modes.”

Check out the official demo video:

Boss Waza Craft Super Overdrive Features:

  • Special edition Waza Craft pedal delivers the ultimate BOSS tone experience
  • Premium sound based on the legendary SD-1 Super Overdrive
  • Newly revised, all-analog discrete amplifier circuit
  • Standard and Custom sound modes
  • Highly responsive to picking dynamics and volume changes
  • BOSS five-year warranty

The new Waza Craft Super Overdrive SD-1W pedal is currently available for preorder, with some online retailers selling it for $149. Visit Boss for more information.

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