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    Before I go on, this is just out of interest and I am in no means even considering selling it, but…..I am the proud owner of a Burns Brian May guitar. It is Prototype #0002 (also written on back of headstock). It has been tried and tested by Brian May himself and could easily be varified. It is a direct copy of the Greg Friar copy so it is a more orangey wood finish than the red. It has slightly different writing on the headstock too. When I first got it, I was amazed that I was holding my own red special, let alone that my hero actually played it! Jan ’04 and Brian was opening a London-based Music store. I went not expecting to meet him. However, being the star he is, he gave his time to everyone in the room-I now have a signed scratched plate to match!! 😛 My quiery really is that I would like peoples opinions on the value. Its only pure interest as my passion for this instrument far out-weighs any monetery gain!!!!

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      If anyone is interested then Burns Production model #2 is being sold by Oasis Muisc on ebay. Might be quite cool to own if your a big BM fan!!!

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      Hey – when I said I thought you could get around $4200 for your guitar I was wrong….

      The one on ebay that I mentioned went for approximately $5800!

      I’d still expect yours to do better than that one, assuming it’s in mint condition…. but like I said…. Don’t Sell it!!!!

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      I saw Brian at a guitar seminar in London, there must have been 300 guitarists there, and i went along not realy expecting much, but he was brilliant, he took us through his guitar and amp setup, 3 AC30’s a few effects and a hell of a lot of volume, and he actualy played wearing Clogs!!
      he was a real down to earth sort of guy, answered questions and palyed for about an hour, he did a lot better than nuno bettnecourt but thats another story.


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      Cheers mate. This is my first time on the site and it’s good to know there are other BM fans out there.

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      Before I go on… Sell your grandmother before you sell that guitar!

      As you may know – those limited run Brian May specials were advertised by Burns right here on GuitarSite.com, and no matter how hard I tried they wouldn’t give us one for free – so, yes I’m both biased and jealous 🙂

      Anyway – there is no easy way to find a value as they were quite a limited run.

      There is a similar one being auctioned on Ebay at http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=2384&item=3778562866&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW
      and at the time of writing this message the bids were up to $2100, but I’d expect at least double that for your axe.

      The best way to find out would be to get a music equipment insurance company to tell you what they’ll insure it for, or alternatively contact Burns at http://www.burnsusa.com/contact_us/

      On the other hand, maybe someone here knows how much one has actually sold for second hand?

      I hope this helps,
      Jason Horton.

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