British Amplifiers reissues Watkins Dominator Amp

British Amplifiers has announced that a limited edition Golden Anniversary re-issue of the World famous Watkins Dominator V Front guitar amplifier has been introduced. To celebrate 50 years of the Watkins Dominator, Charlie Watkins of WEM Watkins has licensed a production of just 100 of these iconic amplifiers to be built by British Amplifiers in a stunningly beautiful “Golden Anniverary” livery. Each of these special Dominators carries Charlie Watkins name personally signed on both the chassis and a letter of authenticity made out to each new owner. It is expected that with such provenance, these reissue will themselves become highly collectable pieces of musical history in the future.

Reissue Dominators are identical to the original with the only exceptions being those required to comply with modern safety standards. Small cosmetic details have not been overlooked, even the control knobs have been re-moulded to be identical and custom made transformers cloned from originals ensure that both the look and the sound have been faithfully re-created.

Watkins Dominator Amp Reissue

A Mk1 series 2 Dominator (pre-printed circuit board) type has been selected as the model for the reissue, this being Charlie Watkins favourite among all his guitar amps makes this new Dominator a fitting tribute to his many years of accomplishment in musical instrument development. It is of course a valve tube amplifier using the original classic Watkins 17 Watt “Push Pull” circuit which has been utilised by many other makers and DIY amp builders ever since it first appeared. What sets the Dominator apart from other combo amps is the unique V front cabinet design. Charlie's idea was to allow the sound to be dispersed around a room, rather than being in a single direction, recent reviews by new Dominator owners suggests that it is in fact very effective.

To compliment the 1960's vintage valve tube amp sound, Electro Acoustic Limited have also developed a hand built 15 Watt 10″ speaker with an AlNiCo magnet based on the original ELAC speakers as fitted to the 60's Dominators. These can be ordered as an upgrade to the regular version which is fitted with Celestion G10 Vintage speakers.

Few would doubt that the Watkins Dominator was THE guitar amp of the late 1950's and early 60's, many of today's guitar hero's started their careers with the help of this intriguing “art deco” design amplifier and remember them with great fondness. British Amplifiers in collaboration with Watkins Electric Music are proud to make this brand new, traditionally built, Watkins Dominator available once again.

Reissue Watkins Dominators are available as either 230Volt or 120 Volt versions

Price: 1199 GBP (around 1850 USDollars) for export, 1399 GBP including 17.5% VAT for European sales.

Optional extra upgrade to 2 x 15W Alnico Electro Acoustic speakers: 100 GBP (around 155 USDollars) export, or 117.50 GBP including 17.50% VAT.

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