Bugera G5 Infinium Tube amp

Bugera introduces the G5 Infinium, a 5-Watt tube amp designed for recording with built-in attenuator that lets you go down to 0.1 watt.

Bugera G5 Infinium

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Based on the description and specs, this new amp head is geared towards versatility and reliability, with advanced tone shaping “Morph EQ” control and the Infinium tube Life Multiplier technology.

The core of the handmade G5 Infinium amp is vintage inspired, having one ECC83 and one 12BH7 in a traditional push-pull configuration that results vintage tone flavors. Bugera then equipped the Class-A amp with modern features that make it ideal in studio settings.

This traditional spec is complemented by Bugera’s “Morph EQ”, a special knob that claims to cover a wide variety of tones from British to U.S. in one sweep. Adding to the amp’s flexibility is the built-in power attenuator that lets you adjust the output level so you can go for saturated tube tone at any volume level.

As the name suggests, the amp features Bugera’s Infinium Tube Life Multiplier technology. It constantly monitors and tweaks output performance to extend the lifespan of your powertubes up to 20 times. Aside from improving reliability, this technology also allows for consistent tone over the complete lifespan of your tubes, and it will let you know if there are defective tubes that should be replaced.

Other features of the amp head include built-in reverb, an effects loop section, and it comes with a heavy-duty Channel/Reverb footswitch.

Bugera also released a matching cabinet called 112TS, featuring a 12″ Turbosound speaker. It can handle up to 80 watts while remaining light and portable. The cab features a void-free multi-ply hardwood soundboard.

Bugera’s Product Manager Jan Duwe adds: “This little 5-Watt G5 is a real tone machine, and you get all of that tone – even when you turn the output way down low! Plus, if you’re looking for an easy-to-transport, great-sounding studio setup, just connect the G5 to our new 112TS Turbosound-loaded speaker cabinet – and you’ve got a tone-connoisseur’s dream come true!”

The new G5 Infinium amp is expected to sell for $249.99 while the new 112TS cabinet will sell for $159.99. You can head over to Bugera Amps for the complete specs of the amp.

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