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    I do not care if I have a matching cabinet and head. My main concern is saving as much money as possible, while maintaining the best sound quality.

    Are there specifications I need to match with my JCM 900 (watts/resistance/ect)?

    Does it matter if I get a cabinet that isn’t marshall ?(someone told me to just focus on getting a cabinet with celestion speakers)

    Also if I buy a used cabinet is there a good way to tell if the speakers are in good shape (besides if they obviously sound terrible). Is there some kind of way to test. Do speakers get damaged in less noticeable ways than being blown-out?

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      Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find a cabinet that suitable in speakers. In fact, every cabinet has a big impact to your speakers. What is the height and width of your speakers? So I can give you my best recommendation.

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      I have a 100 watt version of the same head, although my high gain channel has been modded to make it actually useable – GREAT two channel amp, now.

      I was in the same dilemma, and what I wound up doing was picking up a slightly used Ampeg 4 / 12. I got it at a local Music-Go-Round, and it’s loaded with Celestions. I paid only $375, and I promptly whipped out my handy dandy screwdriver and removed the logo. Problem(s) solved, and it sounds really good. If you’re an annoying audiophile, this solution may not fit; but if you’re in a rock band and need a cab, it’ll work.

      I believe it’s an 8 ohm cabinet, but there’s a three way switch on the back of your head to match things up if it’s not. Be sure to test the cabinet before you buy it – I’m not sure if you can tell the age of a functioning speaker based on sight and sound.

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