Can Yngwie Malmsteen’s New Album Sell Faster Than He Can Shred?

Yngwie Malmsteen (pronounced ING-vay MAHLM-steen – also pronounceable as Lars Johan Yngve Lannerbäck), the other Swedish music legend (ABBA are still in front*), is back with a new album.

Well, I guess 'back' is a strong word, it's hardly like he's been away after releasing two albums last year – Angels of Love and High Impact.

And on November 23rd he will be releasing his latest work entitled “Relentless”.

Yngwie Malmsteen

“Shred guitar” and “neo classical metal” are two phrases that have been commonplace in his publicist's arsenal of superlatives, and pretty much the rest of the world of heavy metal for decades now, but both can be reasonably attributed to the work of Yngwie Malmsteen.

Ever since the early 1980's, Yngwie has been pushing the limits of guitar, and influencing countless other players in the process. They say Yngwie himself was heavily influenced at the age of 7 when he saw a report of Jimi Hendrix's death on TV.

A noteworthy point is that this is the second album of Yngwie's to feature ex-Judas Priest and Iced Earth singer Tim “Ripper” Owens.

“This title truly is the right one for this album, explains Yngwie. “I mean, after all these years, some kind of force is driving me to create something that totally surpasses everything I've done before. I tried to capture the raw energy of a live performance, yet push myself to the most demanding level of playing and composing to harness that elusive magic that can't just be switched on. All the way out, caution to the wind, but disciplined performances was what I went for. Maybe I did it too, check it out!”

Confirmed song titles for 'Relentless' include “Relentless,” “Look At You Now,” “Shot Across the Bow,” “Adagio B Minor Variation,” “Caged Animal,” “Critical Mass,” “Into Valhalla,” “Enemy Within,” and “Caprici Di Inferno.”

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* I've been waiting years for the opportunity to put Yngwie Malmsteen and ABBA back to back 🙂

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