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    Two weeks ago, this site gave me a lot of info about Castilla. We had picked up a really good deal on one, and are really pleased!

    But there are one or two things I’d like to ask about, because of the discussions I found here.

    1) is that a lot of people noted that the guitar is ‘made in china’. The one I got, however, has a “made in taiwan’ sticker on the neck.

    When people said ‘made in china’, did anyone know if that was PRC or Taiwan?

    2) is that the sticker inside the sound hole, in the body, is a little different. People described or had pictures of theirs, with a picture of a lady off to the left, playing the guitar, with a model number printed on a form off to the right.

    On this one, there is no picture. Instead, this is a smaller form, really just like the right half of the form described. And the model is not printed, but is hand written. At first I thought it said “- C5 – 33 E”, but it looks now that it was a hastily written, in ink, “-CS-33C-“.

    So, it has me pondering two possibilities:

    (But first, I repeat, this is a lovely lovely guitar, and we are pleased with its sound and its veneer and structure.)

    1) One possibility is that this is a real Castilla guitar, that had to be sent back to be refurbished or something, and it got a new sticker from the guitar worker. All well and good.

    2) Another possibility is that Castillas are made in Mainland China, and this is a “knock-off” from Taiwan that is meant to replicate it, with a sticker that isn’t really a good double for the original sticker, a handwritten model number, etc. Again, okay by me, because it looks and sounds very good and the construction is durn solid.

    Everything I’ve seen on about Castillas is reassuring, and I’m convinced we got a good deal (4!). But the country of origin is a real point of curiousity for me (since ‘China’ is ambiguous) and since I really would like to know if and why my Castilla seems a little different from the others on the site.

    Anyone know which China? Or the story on this Taiwan sticker?

    Thanks in advance!

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