Cause and Effect Pedals debuts the FET Dream Overdrive/Distortion pedal

The FET Dream is a unique take on overdrive/distortion from newly established boutique builder Cause and Effect Pedals. This hand-built and individually tweaked pedal sets a new standard for 'articulate' distortion with unequalled clarity and definition in a harmonically rich pedal, leading to a great feeling of openness and presence in its tone.

The FET Dream features pre- and post-distortion equalization controls and a Drive control that ranges from unity gain to over 200X. The Girth control provides pre-distortion equalization that sets the level of 'fat' in the foundation tone and can be particularly useful to adapt the pedal to different guitars and avoid muddy tone that might result from excessive distortion harmonics produced from bass frequencies. The Lean control features a varying Q for emphasis and has a range that ensures the FET Dream can deliver all the way from smooth 'screamer'-like treble to full-on british lead tone without becoming ice-picky.

Other features include true bypass switching, a small pedal-board footprint, sturdy cast-aluminum enclosure, and a bright blue indicator light. The pedal can run for many hours from a 9V battery or be externally powered by a standard pedal 'wall-wart'. The FET Dream will retail for $189 US and can be ordered directly from Cause and Effects Pedals website. It will begin shipping in mid-March 2009.

Taken altogether, the flexible controls and tone management in the FET Dream combine to maximize sustain and presence while preserving instrument tone, player dynamics and emphasizing clarity and definition… Often considered contradictory goals but uniquely realized in Cause and Effect Pedals' FET Dream. For more information on the FET Dream, including a variety of soundclips, visit the Cause and Effect website.

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