CE Distribution Announces MOD Oil Capacitors

CE Distribution have announced the release of their new MOD Oil Capacitors.

Vintage oil capacitors have been sought after for many years. Oil capacitors enhance the ability to get true vintage sound, giving your guitar amp or high-end audio equipment a natural and smooth tone. Now with the MOD® oil capacitors they are available again!

MOD Oil Capacitor

The new MOD® caps are oil impregnated dielectric capacitors enclosed in an aluminum “mug”. They are manufactured with quality materials for durability and superior performance, and come in standard values for most audio equipment.

The MOD® products have been taking the world by storm with a full line of classic reverb tanks, DIY pedal kits as well as the Jensen MOD® speaker line. These new oil capacitors are just the latest addition of new MOD® products for musicians and audiophiles interested in improving their sound.

For more information go to www.cedist.com

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