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    It started out like THIS.

    Now, after some Gotoh tuners, a bridge from eBay (2 1/16 spacing?!), a DiMarzio Fred with a push / pull pot wired as a coil tap, black string trees, strap buttons, and jack plate, a new decal (poorly installed and lacquered by me) and some clever work by my friend the luthier; it now looks like this:


    I brought it along to rehearsal last night – it plays great, stays in tune, and doesn’t sound half bad. The Mrs. is a graphic artist, and she’s going to eventually add some paint details to the top. I’d like to use it for at least half a set at our gig tomorrow. 🙂

    BTW – I plan to fashion a protective codpiece from the old pick guard. 😯

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      As a Hello Kitty lover that is sacrilege …

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      Stace is going to kill you. 😆

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