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    Gibson Guitar recently announced they’ve partnered with legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page to produce a limited-edition replica of Page’s iconic double-neck guitar. The guitar was created through a partnership with Page and the Gibson Custom Shop in Nashville, Tenn. and is based on the specifications of Page’s original ’71 Gibson EDS-1275 double-neck model that boasted a 12-string electric on top and a six-string electric on bottom.


    Throughout Led Zeppelin’s golden years in the 70s, Page’s majestic double neck was a fixture of the band’s legendary live shows; just the sight of the iconic, distinctive SG Double Neck, slung around Page’s neck spellbound audiences and elicited their howling approval.

    The replica took a little over a year to create with hands-on analysis throughout the process from Page himself. The discussion between Page and Gibson Guitar started back in 2004 when Gibson introduced his signature Les Paul Standard. Gibson revisited the idea again in 2005, following the overwhelming success of his Signature Les Paul, and the project began to evolve. The Gibson Jimmy Page Signature Double Neck is a precise duplicate of Page’s original EDS-1275 guitar. Gibson has made only 25 Limited Edition Aged Double Necks that replicate every detail of Page’s iconic guitar “ding for ding,” featuring 20-fret rosewood fingerboards on both necks, period-correct headstock style for 12-string with a Page profile neck, master volume and tone controls for each neck, a “master” three-position pickup selector switch, as well as a three-position toggle switch for engaging the pickups on either or both necks.


    The replicas also feature a weathered Heritage Cherry finish that is unique to the new model and will be enhanced on the 25 Limited Edition Aged models with authentic custom aging by Gibson Custom. Each of the 25 Limited Edition Aged guitars will feature Page’s signature on the rear of the headstocks, plus a certificate of authenticity signed by Page, as well as, a specially designed Custom Shop case, the acclaimed two-DVD Led Zeppelin box set and a copy of a private interview with Page regarding the Double Neck. These 25 exact replicas will list for 3,500. Gibson has also produced 250 Vintage Original Spec Signature Double Necks that don’t feature the same aging or a signature on the headstock but will be accompanied by a standard certificate of authenticity which will retail for 0,000-2,000.


    “Working with Jimmy Page has proven, once again, to be a wonderfully rewarding experience,” said Henry Juszkiewicz, Chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitar. “We are thrilled to be able to offer fans the replica of his legendary double-neck guitar which will put his unique sound and style right at his fan’s fingertips.”

    Gibson’s Aged Limited Edition Jimmy Page Signature Double Neck specifications:

    Model: Aged Limited Edition Jimmy Page Signature Double Neck

    – Pickups: Jimmy Page Pickups (Unique to his Custom Shop signature models)
    – Hardware: Chrome
    – Fingerboard: Rosewood
    – Scale: 24 ¾”
    – Nut Width: 1.687” for six-string, 1.715” for 12-string
    – Nut: Corian
    – Bridge: Chrome ABR
    – Neck Material: One-Piece Mahogany
    – Body Material: Period-Correct Solid Mahogany

    – Controls: Master volume and tone controls for each neck A “master” three-position pickup selector switch Three-position toggle switch for engaging the pickups on either or both necks
    – Colors: Dark Cherry


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