Cooperstand introduces Hand-Crafted Wooden Instrument Stands

If your instrument is too precious for just an ordinary stand then Cooperstand has the answer with their handcrafted wooden stands. These are designed and engineered by Daniel Cooper, an award winning sculptural artist, guitarist, and songwriter.

Cooperstand Hand-Crafted Guitar Stand

Cooperstand addresses the typical stringed instrument support device in a non typical way. It's a great choice for the performing musician looking for a professional stringed instrument stand that securely supports acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, banjo, or mandolin. Cooperstand has full sized, function, compatibility, flexibility, portability, good looks, and versatility. All of this is now available in one very small package.

Cooperstand is not the same old thing. It is a uniquely contoured, and finely hand crafted enhancement, to the instrument that sits on it. In addition, it provides a professional overall appearance to the performer.

Key Cooperstand Features:

* Convenient: opens and closes with one hand.

* Versatile: accommodates acoustic or electric guitar, bass, banjo, or mandolin.

* Portable: fits in the headstock of a guitar case or gig bag.

* Compact: folds from full size down to a 4″ x 9″ x 1-1/2″ area!

* Stable: wide 4-footed base, low center of gravity.

* Secure: non-slip neoprene padding protects your instrument, holds it in place.

* Safe: no exposed sharp edges that could damage your instrument.

* Durable: light weight and flexible design easily absorbs impact.

Suggested retail price for the Cooperstand wooden guitar stand is $89.95. Street price ranges between $69.95 and $79.95.

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