Cordoba C9 and C10 Crossover

Cordoba Guitars expand their “crossover” appeal by offering a thin neck option to two of their popular nylon string guitars.

Cordoba C9 Crossover
Cordoba C9 Crossover

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This thinner neck profile is meant for steel-string acoustic guitar players that want to get nylon guitar sounds with minimal playing adjustments.

The success of the Luthier Series prompted Cordoba to pick the C9 and C10 models as the two nylon string guitars that will get the latest “Crossover” option. These new models are labeled as: C9 Crossover and C10 Crossover.

These guitars retain their all solid wood design, with the choice of either solid European spruce or solid Canadian cedar top.

The C9 Crossover supports the top with solid mahogany back and sides, while the C10 Crossover is a bit more premium with solid Indian rosewood back and sides.

What separates the Crossover models are their thinner neck profile. They both feature a mahogany neck with a smaller 48mm nut width (standard model have 52mm) and radiused fingerboard – hand-carved to a thinner profile that will be more familiar to none classical guitar players.

Other important design aspects are retained including the use of the Spanish heel, hand-carved braces and domed soundboards built on traditional solera. Like the other Luthier Series guitars, these two feature the added visual appointments like mother-of-pearl inlays and a hand-inlaid rosette based on a 1920’s Domingo Esteso rosette.

If you an steel string acoustic guitar player and you are looking to try out nylon string guitars, the new C9 Crossover and C10 Crossover would be a good prospect to look at.

The C9 Crossover will have a street price of $799, while the C10 Crossover model is priced at $999. These Crossover models will be on display at Cordoba Guitars’ 2014 Winter NAMM Show exhibit, located at Booth 5310. Visit Cordoba Guitars for more information.

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