Cordoba Luthier Series

Cordoba Guitars introduces the Luthier Series, all-solid concert quality nylon string guitars at reasonable prices.

Cordoba Guitars Luthier Series

These instruments mark their entry into the high-end guitars market, building on the success of their all-solid guitars.

The Luthier Series guitars are handmade by a small team of luthiers in Cordoba’s workshop, they employ traditional Spanish construction techniques and select premium woods and materials.

The label boutique also applies to these guitars, because they follow strict rules in terms of raw materials, crafting and inspection. Cordoba employed building methods such as the Spanish Heel, hand carved necks and braces, and domed soundboards that are built on a traditional solera.

The series will feature upgraded versions of Cordoba’s more popular guitar models, and it will introduce two new models starting with the compact C9 Dolce, a 7/8 size version of the popular Cordoba C9. The new Cordoba C12 on the other hand is based on the Cordoba C10, having a raised fingerboard for enhanced playability, and lattice bracing – ideal for guitarists who are looking for a guitar with a modern style build, and big, open sound.

As expected, the Luthier Series will feature added eye candies, most notable of which is their 1920’s era mother-of-pearl hand-inlaid rosette. The new Luthier Series follow Cordoba’s ideals of building a lightweight, responsive classical instrument using traditional Spanish craftmanship.

The Luthier Series Lineup with Street Price:

  • C9 Dolce – $799
  • C9 – $799
  • C10 – $999
  • F10 – $999
  • C12 – $1,499
  • GK Pro – $1,399
  • GK Pro Negra – $1,499

Cordoba Guitars is also expected to introduce their new acoustic pickup system called Acoustic Fidelity System (AFS). Select models will come fitted with these pickup and preamp combo that was developed by Cordoba for their nylon guitar instruments. These systems come with six unique piezo elements that enhance the natural clarity and separation of strings while not resorting to digital modeling. Expect to hear and see the AFS in action in the early parts of 2013.

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