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    Hi all. I have been playing acoustic guitar for quite some time, and has always been interested in electric guitar. This Cort x-2 Metallic Red guitar really caught my eyes, cause my favorite guitarist is using a red one too. So may i ask if this guitar is suitable for me?

    Thanks in advance!

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      I sound like a stuck record but here I go…

      Buy second hand! You get a better guitar for your money, it doesn’t have to ‘settle in’ and you should lose very little in depreciation if you don’t take to it….IMO, obviously. 🙂

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      It looks OK, im guessing its a Chinese import and cost around £100-£150 price range? Basswood isn’t the best tonewood for a body but its a hell of a lot better than some of the rubbish they use.
      Bolt on neck is OK, neck is Maple, excellent, 2 humbuckers.
      It looks like a good learner guitar, an Ibanez rip-off, they look ok, and will be a good electric guitar for a beginer.
      Make sure you check out ebay, i bet there are a few small time dealers selling Corts on their.

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