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    …need a collaboration!
    If anyone had an idea , I would appreciate.All I can do with a bass guitar is too basic finally.I am about to receive an additionnal track played by a banjo player (a great player!).
    Could be funny.
    Thanks in advance, and have a great day.

    (key of F)
    [audio src="" /]

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      I assume it is intentional that the bass only comes in halfway through? I like how the lead guitar and bass give each other room to hear the respective melodies. My only slight negative feeling (I wonder if it’s just me) is that the pace of the song seems to be lost for a few seconds around 1:45 without anything filling the void. I’m being nitpicky, though; I like how the track is developing.

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      Hello all
      I gave a quick (and short) try for the bass line and the guitar solo.

      Thanks in advance.

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      Hey Acoustica back of my jollies too, track is sounding nice.

      I like the bass-tone on ‘Trip to the Moon’ (Cool track BTW, Soundgarden-ey) but it does sound a bit contemporary for the blues track IMO, I’d be tempted to go acoustic or clean…or OD the guitar, go on, you know you want to… 😀

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      Ah well, if it’s a tube preamp… 🙂

      Very nicely made box, and I like the simple Precision with the mix of ’51 and ’57 ideas. I take his point about leaving room for banjo (I didn’t realize you were planning to add some) completely. As for the slight overdrive, I like valve bass totally, as you know. Even so, on this track, I’d have done it a bit cleaner to fit in with the rootsy feel of the song. HST, I was using tiny laptop speakers and these, along with mp3 compression, do terrible things to valve tone. The original may be far better sounding, or perhaps I’ll get around to making my desktop PC up and running and hear through proper speakers.

      Oh, and yes; Andalucia is my 2nd home. I’d like Paris to be my 3rd but I’d need to do very well at the tables 🙂

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      How are you doing 1BL ?

      Correct me if I’m wrong but Spain seems to be your “second home”!!
      Me gusta ir a Madrid e Barcelone pero….que ruido hay!!

      As far as I’m concerned, I spent two weeks in California and Nevada.
      I had planned to win one or three thousand dollars in Vegas to buy ..”something I could use”, but I confess that I have lost “a few bucks” playing poker and slot machines…. 😀

      Back to belgium, I sent him a message with your recommendations.
      He replied :
      “that’s the kind of sound I use in concert with my tube preamp.
      I wanted to keep some space for your banjo or guitar solo”

      That guy could be….your brother!!!
      He loves amps and builds all his preamps and effects .
      A few pics of his gear here (he used the white bass on the sample)


      This is one of his compositions with his band : “RED LABEL”

      Thanks for your comments Tim and Michael!!
      I appreciate.

      Have a nice day everyone.

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      Hello Guy,

      I’ve just got back from Spain (delayed flight, unpacking at 8am, still wobbly) and had my first chance to listen through the whole thread. When I heard your 1st mp3 post, I immediately thought that your 12-bar needed an early Paul McCartney style of walk, subtle; like a “From Me To You” with added whistles and bells.

      Your Belgian chum got the idea straight away; note perfect. There are only two criticisms I would make. First is the tone. I don’t think he’s using any effect. I suspect he has either an active or hot-pupped bass going DI or USB straight into the mix. That’s pure distortion (especiallly at the lower Hz) that I’m hearing. Secondly, I have a crit about the actual note choices. When the lead acoustic (way too loud) cuts out, your Belgique takes the opportunity, around 1min40sec to do some really sublime bass playing. Honestly; it made me sit up and listen. But he cut it too short and went back into the walk too early while the rhythm acoustic was still strumming.

      I wouldn’t dare to try and hijack what your man has done. I’d feel like a rip-off. If you can suggest to him that the distortion is removed and the bass-solo idea is lengthened slightly, then you’ve been handed a winner.

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      Hi guys

      Just received a bass line from Belgium.
      I first thought that the sound was a little bit “strange”(i’m sure that he used a multi effect -chorus or something like that) but I have to admit that this guy is a great bass player (oriented hard rock…he said 😀 )

      ….solo added vey soon.

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      Guy, I´m sorry, I´m abroad for a month; no bass. This cybercaff PC has no ´phones so I didn´t even listen to the track. I´ll try a listen on another day.

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      Very modest sample, but I was happy to be able to play it(only three fingers of my right hand working correctly), even if I know that my playing is “so-so”….I had planned to play it faster.
      That’s for fun anyway and the guy I was talking about wanted to play something else that bluegrass; I suggested a collab for a blues…( ok :something with a “blues flavour”!)

      ….not easy to do a blues that doesn’t sound like it’s been done and played a million times before…by “killers”…

      I’ll give a try for the bassline and if the final result is correct , Michael, I’ll try to make another one more “serious”.

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      Hey acous, really like this one. Good stuff. Definitely would like to hear bass included.

      Edit: Any others in the same vein as this to listen to?

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      Hey Acoutica, very nice track, would need to hear banjo part as (IMO) doesn’t sound like there will be much space for much more than a basic bassline anyway.

      That said it’s bookmarked and I’m noodling around with it, but don’t hold you’re breath 😀


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