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    Just bought a Red Daion Performer Stratocaster with maple neck/fretboard, fitted new strings and lowered the action, I think this is a keeper for me.

    Came with Pignose Gorilla TC-35, 35 watt amp which requires some contact cleaner spray in one of the pots and it will be good also – Paid 0AUD for the pair.

    Very good condition only a small shallow 1cm scratch on the top of the top ‘Horn’. – EDIT: Wasn’t a scratch at all because it wiped off with a little effort:-)

    Cant find a Serial number anywhere, even looked inside the Tremelo cavity on the back, however there is a small gold foil made in Korea sticker on the back of the head stock, any help on the age or where the serial number might be would be appreciated – Seller said he had it for about 7 years, he bought it second hand and thought it might be 20+ years old.

    Appreciate any assistance.

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