DBZ Guitars introduces the new ‘The Dark Side of Dean’ Guitar Line

DBZ Guitars has announced a new series of distinctive metal guitars, “The Dark Side of Dean.” This line is a new offering of uniquely carved masterpieces straight from the darkest depths of legendary guitar builder Dean B. Zelinsky's mind. “The Dark Side series is designed for the sophisticated player, who is searching for the ultimate 'over the top' metal instrument,” says the CEO and DBZ Guitars founder.

The Dark Side of Dean

Zelinsky is no stranger to metal. His guitar creations are played, and have been played, by metal & rock royalty on stages across the world for decades. Armed with 30 years of knowledge and experience, DBZ has created a guitar line like no other specifically for his fans and fans of the genre. “Great tone, feel, and incredible playability have always been the bottom line. But now, by embracing advances in woodworking technology, we can create anything we can imagine. 'The Dark Side' line is no exception. We've pushed the boundaries to create sculpted masterpieces with more tone, feel, and magic than anything I've ever created,” he says.

The “Dark Side of Dean” consists of three unique and darkly ornate models:

DBZ Bird of Prey – The Bird of Prey is a carved masterpiece that unites form with function. It's available in a variety of custom colors and graphics with a highly contoured body. Bird of Prey comes standard with EMG active humbuckers providing all the intensity and depth needed to compliment it's intense design. The Bird of Prey's easy access 24-fret neck gives players the ability to tear up the fretboard in style while lending their music a visual punch to the gut.

DBZ Venom – The Venom is a deeply visceral V-style guitar. Like the Bird of Prey, Zelinsky uses modern technology not only as a method for precision and efficiency but as a means to realize the menacing sculpture that lies beneath the tone wood. The Venom comes loaded with EMG pickups, original Floyd Rose tremolo, and show-stopping graphic options.

DBZ Halcyon – The Halcyon is a radical re-imagining of a classic style. It is a sleek, double cutaway guitar that balances classic functionality with modern metal sensibilities. Like the Bird of Prey and The Venom, the Halcyon is loaded to the hilt with EMG pickups, original Floyd Rose Tremolo, easy 24-fret access, and set-neck construction. It's available in high impact colors and radical off-the-hook graphics, including the Vertigo and the Death Dealer.

All Dark Side Guitars are also available as USA Custom models.

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