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    I recently bought an used DD-6.
    When i put the repeat on max, the volume keeps going up… Is this normal or is my pedal broke?
    Please answer!

    when i play a note, the repeated notes keep coming, even if i turn the unit off.. Normal / broken?

    I don’t know much about delays… as you can probably see

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      Yo thanks!
      it works, i didn’t really understand the pedal at first,
      but i do now
      thanks a lot!

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      the delay on my ME50 carries on repeating after you switch it off and then decays, i dont think theres anything wrong with your pedal, and as OU says you should turn down the ‘feedback’ or attack to a level volume setting.

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      oops…. just realized that both explanations i gave were the same… try both of them 🙂 and let us know how it works out

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      two possible reasons…

      firstly, each feedback is probably adding to each other causing the volume gain… so just turn it down….

      otoh, try turning down the “F.BACK” dial…. that could be your problem… Boss pedals amplify when you turn them up past half way

      pls msg back and let me know if this works or not


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