Diamond Pedals Bass Comp now shipping

Diamond Pedals has announced the availability of the highly anticipated Bass Comp pedal, a powerful new tool for bassists. Based on the highly succesful Diamond Compressor, the Bass Comp is the first Diamond product designed specifically for use with bass instruments.

Combining a very low-noise optical compression circuit with a powerful and musical tilt EQ circuit, the Bass Comp is ideal for enhancing the sound of any bass. Developed with the needs of 4-, 5-, and 6-string bassists in mind, the Bass Comp offers extended frequency response and exceptional headroom via 18V operation (power supply included) to provide smooth compression that enhance the tone of any bass. The Diamond Bass Comp has a MSRP of $249US.


– Optical compression circuit

– Tilt EQ section offers selectable frequency center of 250/900Hz

– True bypass signal path

– Bi-color LED provides visual indication of compression

– 18-volt operation for exceptional headroom

Diamond Guitar Pedals are handmade in Canada and available through a worldwide dealer network. All pedals are backed by a 5-year manufacturer warranty. Visit Diamond Pedals at the 2010 NAMM Show, booth #3097, Hall D.

For more information, please visit www.diamondpedals.com

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1 thought on “Diamond Pedals Bass Comp now shipping”

  1. I have used this earlier and
    Ron Howard

    I have used this earlier and I think its a nice addition to one’s armory. It blends nicely with the dry bass tone and ramifies the sound wonderfully well. Cheers!

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