Ibanez RG 520QS vs Ibanez S vs Ibanez RG550

Posted by Josh Cpudemon on Tue, 04/03/01 - 05:26:24.

I'm lookin for an Ibanez to play metal with and im not sure just which to get...520QS...RG 550 or S 470 or S 520 any comments...im leaning over to 520 or 550 but im not sure

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Re: Ibanez RG 520QS vs Ibanez S vs Ibanez RG550

well, it depends on your taste. All of those guitars are very well suited for metal. RG's are shredding guitars. They have those floyd rose trems and pencil thin necks for shredding purposes. if you are a big lead player, I would go with the RG 550 (the higher the number, the better the ax) look for the V7 and V8 pickups. I think the S models have those same pickups, otherwise they have the AH1 and AH2, which are just as good. The S models have 22 frets instead of 24, and a thicker neck. I think the tone is better on the S models. I also think S guitars are much more elegant looking, but that is just personal taste. Another guitar you might want to check out is the JS100 (the satriani model) those are pretty sweet. If it was me, I would go with the S 520, but it is not me. Try them all out and make your own decision.
RG - crunchy lead guitar, really screams
S - warmer crunch, warmer lead, good all around.
oh yeah, look into some ESP models too, specifically the SC500, and MH301 - those would be kind of a nice in-between for the RG and S. The ibanezes are cool, but so are the ESP's you might want to check those out. They crunch like hell.

Re: Ibanez RG 520QS vs Ibanez S vs Ibanez RG550

Thanks man, im going to Guitar Center this week to try out the S and RG for the last time and choose so wish me luck. The next guitar im gettin is an MH-307 which will really rock :) Thanks so much man. Rock on.

Josh "Cpudemon"

Re: Ibanez RG 520QS vs Ibanez S vs Ibanez RG550

yeah dude hope you find a killer guitar!

Re: Ibanez RG 520QS vs Ibanez S vs Ibanez RG550

Hey! Yeah go with the RG's. They are great guitars!
I just went out and was looking for guitars, I tried about 5 different brands including jackson, bc rich, and ibanez. The jacksons basically sucked, the riches were awesome guitars but were heavy, and the ibanez were all arounders! good wieght, great playablity and sweet sound. The first one I picked up was a RG-550BK
I played it for about 5 minutes, then I bought it! It was too badass to let go! go with the 550, it has a maple neck and VERY well made!

Re: Ibanez RG 520QS vs Ibanez S vs Ibanez RG550

bye an rg with the lo pro edge tremolo, because its so much better than the lo trs.

Re: Ibanez RG 520QS vs Ibanez S vs Ibanez RG550

okay dude, here's the deal, all of the above are sweet, however it depends on what you want. Don't look for other people's ideas, create your own. I'm a punk guitarist, and I use a Telecaster and an Ibanez RG550, the guitar wasn't my first choice (Iwanted a 570!! but couldn't afford it). I picked up the 550 and played it and it had exactly the same feel so I bought it second hand (£300 english), I use two guitars I like, its up to you to choose what you like...THE RG550 does seriously rock though so try it out!

Re: Ibanez RG 520QS vs Ibanez S vs Ibanez RG550

i have a neon yellow ibanez rg-550A ill sell it?

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