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    We’ve all heard it. They employ ’em off the street, you know. What gems have you been told?

    I’ve had this one: “The only difference between the Jazz and the Precision is that the Jazz has an extra pickup – probably for stereo”

    Not particularly funny, or proof that we’re devolving. I reckon you regs can do better.

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      there are some very knowedgeable people out there too, my local guitar shop is in Romford and the manager in there is not very polite but his knowledge is awsesome, i think people put up with his bluntness because of his impartial quality advice, he is a good player too, which ive noticed a lot of shop people arent, i cant stand a spotty 17 yr old trying to give me advice on a 68 Jap reissue strat when he clearly knows nothing about them, apart from the fact ‘they are supposed to be good’ .

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      And the V has an angled headstock. Perhaps the sales-unter-meister had just transferred from a bonsai nursery?

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      When I telephoned to ask for advice because I was having problems with the low E string falling off the nut on my Flying V, I was advised that I’d need something called a “string tree” (as if I’d never heard of such a marvel before).

      I replied that I didn’t think this was such a good idea, seeing as the area of the headstock where it would need to be situated is covered in a large truss rod cover featuring the Gibson logo. How crap would that have looked with a string tree in the middle of it?

      Luckily when I got to the shop to show them the problem I was able to deal with someone who knew what he was doing.

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      Atchly, the oppo, Mike. The same divvy got too confused about my enquiries about upgrading my PA – so he just turned around the store’s trade-price catalogue and passed it to me.

      😯 😯 😯 What an eye-opener! Whatever deal you bust from a store, don’t feel guilty about it. Some of them (not all, it must be said) have huge margins. This was pre-WWW days, in this case.

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      Maybe they think they can swindle you out of a few pounds 1b, they just don’t take you serious enough. 🙂

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