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    I’ve been all acoustic and now am dabbling in electric. I bought a basic effects gadget (Digitech RP 50) to just tinker with, but my question is this,
    is there any listing of the effect settings by song used by bands or is this pretty much a custom thing you need to figure out on your own? Also, any recommendation on a next step up in terms of effects electronics. Thanks.

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      Thanks for that last link, if nothing else its very interesting to learn some more about the gear.

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      you might find it a bit difficult finding settings for individual songs, like glw says you’ll have to use your ears like the rest of us, but if you want to know the type of gear and setup a particular guitarist uses then : might be useful.

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      There are so many different effects, and so many variables at play, that such a list would be a virtual impossibility.

      Unless anyone out there knows differently.

      I’d say just use your ears and experiment.

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