Electric Guitar Package Roundup

Here are the electric guitar packages that we highly recommend, low cost bundles ideal for anyone starting out on electric guitar.

Not all starter guitar packs are created equal, some are just plain boring or worse unplayable. So if you are starting out, or you are looking for a budget friendly guitar and amp bundle, here are exciting and reliable electric guitar packages that will inspire you or your student to play more, without having to pay more! This list represents the best packages that feature a variety of popular guitar shapes and styles to suit individual preferences.

Squier Affinity Tele Guitar Pack

Squier by Fender Tele Electric Guitar Pack

The Squier Affinity Tele shows Squier’s impressive balance of quality and affordability, paying excellent tribute to 50’s era Fender Telecasters at a fraction of the price. The guitar itself has surprised even the most experienced players, proving that you can get a great looking and sounding instrument without breaking the bank. The Frontman 15G amplifier is not so bad either, featuring two channel operation for clean and overdriven tones that we find satisfactory for practice and small venue jamming. Aside from the already impressive instrument and amp, this electric guitar package comes with essential accessories that include an electric tuner, guitar cable, guitar picks, gig bag and an instructional DVD. If you are a fan of classic looking instruments, then the Squier Affinity Tele Guitar Pack is your best pick. Get the latest price & reviews at Amazon.com.

Epiphone Goth SG Performance Pack

Epiphone Goth SG Performance Pack

Fans of classic rock will find this guitar package irresistible. Featuring a pitch black themed double-cutaway guitar based on the classic Gibson SG, but without the hefty price tag. The guitar has two humbuckers, the 650R and 700T Epiphone pickups that are designed to reproduce rock friendly SG voicings. The performance package features a 15-watt amplifier, a gig bag, a clip-on tuner, a strap and a set of picks. Budding rockers will appreciate the included instructional DVD. Get the latest price & reviews at Amazon.com.

Squier Affinity Strat HSS with G-Dec Amp

Squier Affinity Strat HSS with G-Dec Package

This is Squier’s flagship all-in-one electric guitar package, featuring a Strat with a humbucker for the bridge pickup, and an amp with built-in effects. The Affinity Strat’s HSS pickup configuration gives it the most versatile tones on this list, from the typical glassy clean of the neck and middle pickups, to the modern distortion-friendly tones of the humbucker bridge pickup. The G-DEC Junior amplifier matches the versatility of the instrument with built-in sound processing, featuring 16 amp types, 15 effects, built-in tuner and 15 drums/bass/accompaniment loops practicing. The guitar and amp are accompanied by the same accessories as the Affinity Tele Package. Get the latest price & reviews at Amazon.com.

Epiphone Les Paul Performance Pack

Epiphone Les Paul Performance Pack

Thanks to Epiphone, another popular guitar model is made affordable for budget minded players. As the name implies, this one features the Les Paul Special II LTD guitar, which means you can now rock out using the classic single cutaway body that helped put Gibson on the map. The guitar sports two open-coil humbuckers and the brand’s “clipped dovewing” headstock. It is joined by a 15-Watt Epiphone Electar amp with clean and overdrive channels. Other accessories include a clip-on chromatic tuner, guitar cable, medium picks, gig bag and guitar strap. Students will appreciate the bundled eMedia Guitar Lesson software that has a full complement of instructional videos and learning tools. Get the latest price & reviews at Amazon.com.

ESP LTD F10 Guitar Kit with Amp

ESP F JB-F10 Kit with Guitar Ampk

This sweet guitar kit from ESP LTD will inspire future rockers and metalheads. The star of the package is the unique looking shred machine LTD F10, a budget friendly guitar based on ESP’s popular guitars. Complimenting the guitar’s fierce shape is its thin “U” profile neck and 24-fret rosewood fretboard that will surely inspire fast and accurate playing. The paired special edition ESP amp provides enough distortion to justify the guitar’s shred tendencies. The package also includes a practice a 10ft cable, Chroma Cast tuner, Chroma Cast Vintage Pick Sampler and a Gig bag. Get the latest price & reviews at Amazon.com.

B.C. Rich Red Bevel Warlock Guitar Pack

ESP F JB-F10 Kit with Guitar Ampk

If familiar guitar shapes fail to tickle your fancy, then the B.C. Rich Red Bevel Warlock with matching red amp might get your fingers itching. It’s unique beveled shape, three dimensional look and twin horn headstock will pump metal mojo to any aspiring rocker’s blood. B.C. Rich equipped the guitar with two high-output humbuckers with tones that are as sharp as the guitar’s looks. The matching red tolex covered “Incinerator” 10-watt amp is designed for stylish practice, with straightforward tone, volume and drive controls. Bundled accessories include guitar stand, 12 pick shredder pack, and a cool coffin case body bag! If you or your eager guitar learner is into hard rock or metal, then this would definitely be the one to get! Get the latest price & reviews at Amazon.com.

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