Elite Tone launches the Fillmore Thunder Effect Pedal

Elite Tone has released the new 'Fillmore Thunder' a 2x channel guitar effect pedal. This limited-edition pedal effectively reproduces the legendary sound produced by Jimi Hendrix in the latter half of his career. “It is a revolutionary take on an old sound”, says Elite Tone President David Nelson.

At the core of this two channel ring-modulator/fuzz pedal is a 4 knob classic silicon Fuzz Face circuit (with the addition of a gain control and transistor bias) decked out with a set of classic BC-108 vintage transistors.

The Fillmore Thunder Pedal is a two-stage effect. Most notable is the octave portion of the circuit, said Nelson. “This circuit was designed NOT as an Octavia clone — but rather as a practical and articulate 60's sounding octave-up pedal. Our emphasis was development of the warm fidelity and prominent “steel drum pinging” octave sound found on such songs as “Who Knows?” , an opening number on Hendrix's “Live at the Fillmore East” album.


– Engineered and constructed all by hand

– True by-pass

– Two fully analog and independent pedals in one box

– Battery included

– 2.1mm diameter DC jack adapter (like boss style etc)

– Extremely low ambient noise ( Not audible with effect full on and strings muted in many cases)

– LED On/Off indicator

MRSP: US$177.00

For more information, please visit www.elitetone.com

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1 thought on “Elite Tone launches the Fillmore Thunder Effect Pedal”

  1. fillmore thunder
    Louie Anyos

    get ready …Trophy Wife’s new record comes in july …featuring the Elite Tone’s Fillmore Thunder on two of the openning tracks …great pedal check it out …

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