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  1. Black Boys On The Corner Tab

    Black Boys On The Corner\n By Thin Lizzy\n \n\n\n \nE———————|—————————–|——————-\nB———————|—————————–|——————-\nG———————|—————————–|——————-\nD—0–5–5–5–5–3–|—————————–|——————-\nA———————|–0–3–0–5–5–5–5–3–0–|——————-\nE———————|—————————–|——————-\n \n\n \nE————————————————|———————-\nB————————————————|———————-\nG————————————————|———————-\nD—0–5–5–5–5–3—————————–|———————-\nA———————0–3–0–5–5–5–5–3–0–|———————-\nE————————————————|———————-\n \n\n pick slide \nE———————————————————————–\nB———————————————————————–\nG————————————————————5–5–5—-\nD—0–5–5–5–5–3—————————————–5–5–5—-\nA———————0–3–0–5–5–5–5–3–0————–3–3–3—-\nE———————————————————————–\n \n\n \nE———————————————————————–\nB———————————————————————–\nG———————————————————————–\nD—0–5–5–5–5–3—————————————————-\nA———————0–3–0–5–5–5–5–3–0————————-\nE———————————————————————–\n \n\n \nE———————————————————————–\nB———————————————————————–\nG———————————————————————–\nD———————3–5–5–5–5———————–5————-\nA——5–5–5–3–5—————–3–3–3–3–3–3–3—–5–5–5—-\nE———————————————————————–\n \n\n \nE———————————————————————–\nB———————————————————————–\nG———————————————————————–\nD——————————————4–5–7/———————\nA—5–5–5———–5–5–5–5–5–5–5——————————-\nE———————————————————————–\n\n \nOne of the black boys said\n"I need none of your pity"\nIt’s your mama that don’t\nLike you loose in the city\n\nBut stick about, take note\nTake a tip, take no back lip\nCome come a little closer\nLet me see you snap your fingertip\n\nBecause standing on the corner\nJust might suit you or maybe baby\nThere’s something else you wanna do\n\nLike rolling dice, nice\nLike shooting pool, hey that’s cool\n\nI’m a little black boy and I don’t know my place\nI’m just a little black boy, I just threw my ace\nI’m a little black boy, recognize my face\n\nOne of the black boys said\n"I’m a giving a warning"\n"People been putting me down"\n"I’m so tired I’m yawning"\n\nA new suit, pretty boots to boot\nAnd I’m feeling slick\nGonna go to town, look around\nAnd pull a chick\n\nOf course standing on the corner\nMight suit you or maybe baby\nThere’s something else that you wanna do\n\nLike playing poker, joker\nLike to back a race, ace\n\nI’m a little black boy and I don’t know my proper place\nI’m a little black boy, get my head in its space\nI’m a little black boy, I just play my bass\nI’m a little black boy, it’s no disgrace\n\[email protected]\nwww.corvettepower.org\n\n\n========================================================================\n== TABLATURE EXPLANATION ==\n========================================================================\n\n———- ———- —-t—\n—-5h8— Hammeron —-(8)— Ghost —-6— Tap\n———- ———- Note ——–\n—-5p8— Pulloff ———- ——–\n\n———- ———- —–p–\n—-5/8— Slide Up —–x—- Dead —–7– Pop\n———- ———- Note –s—–\n—-58— Slide Down ———- –5—– Slap \n\n———- ||——|| Repeat ——–\n—-5~~~– Vibrato ||*—-*|| —5^— Bend\n———- ||*—-*|| ——–\n———- ||——|| ——–\n\n———- ———- ——–\n-4:——- Time ———- ——–\n-4:——- Signature ———- ——–\n———- ———- ——–\n\n========================================================================\n== Created with BUCKET O’ TAB for Windows ==\n== For more info email [email protected] ==\n========================================================================

  2. please can you help me to find the tab for the thin lizzy classic – SARAH, my daughter was named sarah as she was born as it played, she was still born and my husband can’t find the tabs anywhere….

    1. : Its totally impossible to find the tabs for suicide anywhere, im stuck in a rut

      i found some on 911tabs.com but the verse chords sound wrong and it hasnt got the solo.. grr

  3. tabs for borderline?
    wally schneider

    damon johnson does a version of this on his acoustic dust cd. Does anyone know where I can find the tabs for this. I cant figure out his alternative tuning on the song.

    1. Suicide Tab
      Ali Currie

      ————————– guitar 2 doubles this riff one
      ————————– octave higher. The chord that is
      ————————– played in between is A5. This is
      ————————– the intro and the verses. TUNE
      ——–3—————– DOWN 1/2 STEP FOR LIVE AND
      –0-3-5—5-3-5———– DANGEROUS VERSION.

      ———————– This is the chordal fill you play
      ———————– just before the lyrics kick in.
      ———5———7— Palm mute the single notes.

      ————3—– use these open voicings of C5,E5,D5 & G5
      -1–5—–3-3—– chords for the bridge/chorus bit in the
      -0–4—–2-0—– song. Listen to the CD to get the timing
      -X–2—–0-X—– right.

      –8-5—5——————- This is the pentatonic lick
      ——8—8-5-8-5—5——- played after the second verse.
      ——————7—7-5— Guitar 2 doubles it and bangs
      —————————- away on the open A string in
      —————————- between. Guitar 1 is messing
      —————————- around A minor pentatonic while guitar 2 is playing this. After playing this several times, the inbetween bit changes from open A string to two chords (D5 and G5). Play them as power chords this time.

      The solo’s are all based around several positions of the A minor pentatonic. Just improvise along for a while until you find something that sounds good.

      This is the bulk of the song, just listen to the CD to peice all the bits together. I’m sure there will be improvements you can make but Iv’e transcribed this to the best of my ability.

  4. tableture
    James Bellinger

    i noticed there were quite a lot of people looking for tab so i thought i’d let u all know u can get lots of lizzy tab at:\nhttp://www.olga.net/dynamic/browse.php?local=main/t/thin_lizzy/\n\nJames

  5. whiskey in the jar tab
    James Bellinger

    hello everyone\nyou can get the whiskey in the jar tab at:\nhttp://www.olga.net/dynamic/browse.php?printer=0&local=main/t/thin_lizzy/whiskey_in_the_jar.tab

  6. Boys are Back Tabs

    Hey, \n\nI need the tabs to Boys are Back in Town. I especially need the double lead parts! If anyone has them, please send them to me. Thanks.\n\nTracy

        1. Re: Thin Lizzy's tabs

          hey could anyone out there please email me a link where i can find guitar and especially bass tab for the warrior?my band would love to cover it. kevin

          1. Thin Lizzy's tabs

            : hey could anyone out there please email me a link where i can find guitar tabs for the warrior?my band would love to cover it. Jackie

          2. Thin Lizzy's tabs

            : hey could anyone out there please email me a link where i can find guitar and especially bass tab for the warrior?my band would love to cover it. Jackie

      1. Whiskey in the jar tab, I need it (not the metallica version)!!!!
        neiso kar

        : : Would you please send me the "Whiskey in the jar" tab (not the metallica version) the traditional version or the smokie version
        : : thanks

  7. Lynnot/Blackmore/Paice
    Jon Allen-MacLean

    Back in !75 Ronnie Dio told Me that Lynnot/Blackmore/Paice recorded some things together,but,Blackmore wouldn!t release it as he thought it sounded too much like Hendrix.Anybody got a tape???????

    1. Re: Lynnot/Blackmore/Paice
      Lee Jones

      I haven’t got a tape but I do know that one exsists somewhere. The band was going to be called ‘Baby Face’. Apparently a very rough demo of a song was recorded. Let me know if you find it or any other interesting Lizzy items.


      1. Re: Lynnot/Blackmore/Paice

        I§ve got one song (blues) recorded by the guys. It§s a fairly rough mix. One wouldn§t recognise Blackmore there. And it is slightly in reminiscent of Hendrix earlier work.


      whiskey in the jar is lizzys easiest song to play.
      What can you trade for it

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