Epiphone 75th Anniversary “1939” Century Amp

Epiphone releases more museum-quality reissues this year, and one worthy of mention is the Limited Edition 75th Anniversary Inspired by “1939” Century Amp.

Epiphone 1939 Century Amp

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As the name implies, this amp is inspired by the Art Deco style of the “1939” Century amp, as was produced by a then young Epiphone company in Manhattan.

The amp’s design takes you back to the ’30s with its laminated maple cabinet design. It faithfully copies details like the bent rims, 6-point star screws, all-metal handle and the vintage grille cloth. I personally am impressed by the amp’s furniture-like appeal, it won’t feel out of place on stage, in the studio, and in your living room.

Contrasting its vintage appearance is the newly redesigned all-tube circuit, providing the same vintage voicing with modern power and reliability. It has a class A/B amp that utilizes two 6V6 tubes in the preamp section and two 12AX7 tubes in the post-amp section. It is rated at 18 watts and drives a 12″ speaker.

Another unique feature of the amp is its 3 inputs – bright, normal and dark. According to the amp description, plugging into the bright input will give you shimmering tones ideal for country and jazz players. The Normal input delivers a mid range punch for blues. Finally, the Dark input delivers a grittier sound for those looking to push the tubes that bit further.

Tone controls are straightforward, with a master volume and tone control. Pulling the master volume control engages boost mode for “extra bite”.

Epiphone President Jim Rosenberg says, “Celebrating our anniversary last year inspired us to make 2014 a very special year for fans, and our 2014 previews offers a taste of what will be our best year ever. We can’t wait to see these instruments in the hands of our players.”

This limited edition amp is currently retailing for around $505. Visit Epiphone for more information.

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