Epiphone Les Paul and SG Beginner Guitar Packs

Epiphone launches three new beginner guitar packs – the Les Paul Player Pack, Les Paul Performance Pack and the SG Performance Pack.

Epiphone Les Paul Player Pack

These affordable beginner packs offer two of the most prominent rock guitars in the world, along with various essentials to help future rockstars start their musical journey.

Epiphone bundles their guitars with an amplifier, a guitar cord, a strap, a tuner and they even included a comprehensive lessons package from eMedia.

The Epiphone Les Paul Player Pack is your basic beginner package, featuring a genuine Epiphone Les Paul Special-II LTD guitar that is available in either Ebony or Sunburst finish. The guitar comes with two classic humbucker pickups and feature a mahogany body cut into the all familiar Les Paul shape. The neck is also made of mahogany topped with a rosewood fingerboard. The Les Paul Player Pack comes with a 10ft guitar cable and a 10-watt Electar guitar amp so you can immediately plug your guitar for practicing. Other essentials include a clip-on headstock chromatic tuner, a guitar strap, medium picks, and an easy-to-carry gigbag. Street Price: $199

The Epiphone Les Paul Performance Pack features a bigger 2-channel 15watt Epiphone Electar amplifier. The ampis big enough for small venue performance and even comes with built-in reverb. This pack also comes with the same Epiphone Les Paul Special-II LTD, along with essential accessories that include a clip-on headstock tuner, guitar cable, guitar strap, medium picks and a guitar gigbag. Street Price: $259

Epiphone Goth SG
Epiphone Goth SG

Epiphone SG Performance Pack

The Epiphone Goth SG Performance Pack is the third new beginner guitar package. It features a limited edition “Goth” SG guitar in a great looking pitch black satin finish. This SG comes with a mahogany neck and body, and features the same two classic humbucker pickups as the Les Paul Special II. Unique to the SG is a special Killpot control switch. The SG Performance pack comes with a 2-channel 15watt Epiphone Electar amp along with the same accessories as the other packs, including a clip-on headstock tuner, strap, guitar cord, medium picks and a guitar case. Street Price: $259

Finally, all of the three new beginner packs come bundled with eMedia’s introductory guitar lessons which is valued at $59.95. A valuable tool for beginners featuring an interactive software that provide feedback on melodies and notes, as well as a variety of helpful tools such as note tracker, finger tracker and animated fretboard.

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