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    Hi everybody!

    I recently inherited an Epiphone from my grandfather, and as I have no need for a guitar I’m looking to sell it. The problem is, I don’t know what year it was made or the model (though it looks like a Casino to me) and the internet isn’t helping me out very much– it’s either from 1963 or 1991!

    Anyway, the serial code is: 1125392

    Stamped on a worn-down sticker at the base of the neck. It says it was made in Japan.

    It looks quite a lot like this:

    but there’s a wooden panel at the bottom below the bridge, the pickup selector (I really hope I’m remembering the right name) is on the top right, and it has a whammy bar.

    Any info you guys can give me would be really appreciated. 🙂

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      According to ‘The Guitar Dater Project’:

      Your guitar was made in
      December c.1991
      Production Number: 5392

      Which contradicts your sticker 😕 Pics are always useful…

      Where did you get the 2 dates from?

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