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    Ernie Ball recently caught up with Gord Sinclair and Rob Baker of The Tragically Hip while on the road in London, Ontario. Although busy touring, the two took a few minutes to share their enthusiasm with Ernie Ball about their instruments of choice; the Music Man Bongo and Silhouette Special:

    “’I’ve been on the Bongo for about six months now and have really enjoyed the experience,” said the group’s bass player Gord Sinclair. He was first introduced to the Bongo in November 2004. It was then that Sinclair picked up his specially-created Bongo bass, with 45-100 Super Slinky bass strings, during a sound check and experienced love at first sound, taking the guitar on-stage with him at that night’s sold-out London Ontario performance.

    “I was at first drawn to the unusual shape, like most are, but then I plugged it in. WOW!” Sinclair said. “I play a lot of upper register melodic lines while droning open ‘E’ or drop ‘D’ and the Bongo offers a real clarity and precision cut that you don’t find in a lot of bass guitars. I’ve always loved the good folks at Ernie Ball and their fine products. They always get it right.”

    Rob Baker, guitarist for The Tragically Hip, took a similar liking to Ernie Ball guitars once he got his hands on a Silhouette Special.

    “I’ve been happily using Ernie Ball strings for years,” he said, “but being a ‘traditionalist’ like so many other guitar players I had never really considered Ernie Ball guitars. I’m glad I gave one a go. It instantly became my main onstage guitar. The Silhouette Special is sturdy and versatile which is what I require.” Baker’s favorite strings include 11-54 Beefy Slinkys, 10-52 Skinny Top Heavy Bottom, 11-48 Power Slinkys, and 10-46 Regular Slinkys.

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