Extinction looms for Warwick P-Nut II Signature Bass

“The P-Nut II Signature Bass is selling out fast” says Warwick on their website. “If you have been planning on ordering one you will need to move quickly. We got chastized for not informing everyone when the P-Nut I was close to selling out, so we are trying to do a better job this time.”

Warwick P-Nut II Signature Bass

Pictured: P-Nut II Signature Bass


– Body made of Tigerwood (back and top) and Purple Heart (middle layer)

– Wenge neck with a fingerboard made of Tiger-Stripe Ebony, 24 frets

– “Spiral” inlays, designed by P-Nut

– MEC “Jazzman” pickup configuration (passive large pole bridge pickup and passive open pole piece neck pickup)

– MEC 3-band Active Preamp

– Matching Tigerwood Headstock

– Black Hardware

– D´Tuner on B-string

– P-Nut’s signature at the truss rod cover

– H.P. Wilfer’s signature at the back of the headstock

– Limited to 56 pieces worldwide

If you want one, contact your Warwick dealer.

Website: http://www.warwickbass.com/

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